Akiyama Ren

Head of the Akiyama Clan


8 Body
5 Mind
6 Soul


2 Attack Combat Mastery 20
2 Attack: Sword 6
6 Defense Combat Mastery 60
3 Extra Defenses(Dep: Defend Other) 14
3 Heightened Senses (Hearing 2, Sight 1) 6
2 Heightened Awareness 4
1 Super Speed(Activation 1, Deplete 1) 9
2 Super Sense(Chi Sense) 4
2 Tough 4
5 Special Movement(Balance, fast, Wall-crawling, Light-Footed, Silent) 10
1 Sixth Sense(People in Trouble, area 1) 3
1 Divine Relationship(Protecting) 2
1 Special Defense(Weather) 2
7 Feature: Dependable Presence, Attractive, Light-Sleeper, Low Light vision, Meditive Mind, TaiChi Healing, Andronynous


0 Weapon Shuriken/Kunai(range 1, poison: drain – body 3) 2
0 weapon Chi-blocking(Enervation 1, Accuracy 2, psychic 6) 6
4 Katana 8
3 ForceField(Regenerative, Air-Tight, Blocks Tele/Incorp, Target 2) 8
7 ForceField(Regenerative, Area 2, Air-Tight, Blocks Tele/Inc, Restrictions: Deplete -6, Static -1, Both Directions -1) 19

0 Ninja Suit(Feature: Black Clothes) 0


Combat Techs:
1 Lightning Reflexes 2
1 Protect Other 2
1 Deflection 2
2 Hardboiled 4
1 Precise Aim 2
1 Lightning Draw 2
1 Blind Fighter 2
1 Two Weapons 2


4 Acrobatics(Stupid Ninja Stuff :D) 8
4 Climbing 8
4 Stealth(Urban) 8
2 Sleight of Hand(Hiding Objects) 4
3 Persuasion(Dependable) 6
3 Medical(Chi Usage) 6
1 Etiquette(Akatsuki) 1
2 Writing(Calligraphy) 2
3 Urban Tracking 6
3 Wilderness Survivial(tracking) 6
2 Intimidation(While Protecting Others) 4
4 Disguise (Blend in) 8
1 Military Strategy(Ninja Training) 1


Guy/Girl Magnet -2
Wanted (Defected from the Akatsuki) -4
Less Capable Soul (Willpower) -2
Less Capable Body (Alcohol Tolerance) -2
Nemesis(Haruka) -2
Less Capable Body (Riding) -1

- 13

Total: 480
Spent: 452
Unspent: 28


Born in the Akiyama Samurai clan, Ren was taught the defensive sword arts of her family. Her grandfather Akiyama Nobutomo served the great Takade clan, and his son was to walk in footsteps. However he elected to serve the people, as he would be quick to point out. Akiyama Kojou, as the son was called, wandered, helping the innocent as he could, rather than being tied down by following any one clan. One day while he was helping some merchants dealing with a thug he met a woman named Reika. It was not long before Ren was born. Nobutomo, who had been keeping track of his son, showed up, and forced Kojou and his wife to move back to the village where the Akiyama clan resides. Kojou was not happy about it, but he complied.

Ren grew up being taught by both her father, and her grandfather. Her father hammered in his own code, that protecting the innocent does not comply with serving a Lord. Whilst her grandfather told her stories of the great many feats that the Takeda clan had done. And all the good he, himself, had been able to accomplish in their service. Ren, for herself, never seemed to pick a side, she was fond of the idea of protecting people, and she always enjoyed her grandfather’s tales.

Reika was never very pleased with the forced training, she wanted to Ren to choose for herself. Kojou agreed, Nobutomo never did, but he had little say… Even so, he kept saying that she should be the new Head of the family, after himself. “She has more promise then you ever did, boy!”, Nobutomo kept telling his son.

When Ren turned 14 Reika’s words were finally heard, Ren would choose her own destiny. Not as Reika had wanted, however. Ren would chose between becoming the next Head, and serving the Takeda family, or betray her family, and become an outcaste, as her father.

The father and the grandfather badgered on in order to make her choose. She finally had enough, threw a tantrum and ran into the woods. Reika scolded the two proud Samurai. The two stood there. Reika ran into the woods after Ren. Kojou was seconds away from joining her when the warning bells rang. Father and son shared look, and with that Kojou dashed into the woods to protect his family, and Nobutomo ran into armory, and geared up.

In the woods Ren was sitting on a log, angrily shouting to herself. She had enjoyed to hear of her fathers code of honour, and the stories of old, but this past year she had been pushed towards picking a side. She never wanted to. She loved both her and father and grandfather equally, she could not chose. She heard a branch crack, she turned around thinking it was her mother having run after her. But no… A samurai stepped out into the clearing. He pulled out his sword and asked: “Akiyama Ren? I am Hiruzen Hanada, your family must end with you.” And with that he raised his sword, and struck straight and true. Ren’s training made her react much faster then Hanada had anticipated, the sword merely graced her forehead. Ren, scared out of her mind, let out a loud shout in terror. Hanada laughed, and raised yet again. “You won’t get away from me this time!”, he said, and swung. Ren saw her mother jump in the way of the sword, taking it in her back. The father appeared… Ren fell unconscious from the shock. She woke up some time later, in her fathers arm. He was bleeding, profusely. “Y-you where right father… I was weak…” He said, looking up into the sky. “L-live, Ren… Serve the people. You are the last of us now… Pass on our teachings…”, Ren could only watch as her father bled out. She picked up his sword, in tears, buried her father, and left.

She walked for what seemed like weeks. Until she passed out. When her eyes opened, she was in a hut. She had been saved by the Akatsuki, a group of ninjas. She had heard of the dishonourable ways of the ninja. She sat up, and looked around her… Her entire body was hurting. “Settle down, little child of Akiyama…”, said a warm voice. “H-how do you kn—”, Ren began, but was interrupted. “I saw the Hiruzen clan attack. I saw you escape.”, the man came closer. “I am Akatsuki.”, the man said staring at her with death in his eyes. “From this day forth, you are Akatsuki.”
Ren had no say in the matter, from that day forth she was trained as a ninja. She liked it, the Akatsuki became like a family to her.

She had not been there long, when they brought in an other girl, who introduced herself as Haruka. Haruka and Ren became fast friends, both of them impressive for the age. Ren elusive, almost impossible to hit, and Haruka a demon with a blade.

The end of their training was drawing close, Haruka relished in it… And Ren feared it. Ninjas kill, without remorse. Ren thought to herself: “I am a Samurai, killing part of the job… But, my purpose is to protect… Not to kill… Is it?”

Haruka couldn’t keep her secret anymore, she told Ren about her family, the Hiruzen… She knew what her family had done to Ren’s. Haruka believed that Ren could never fogive her, and cried profusely, but Ren forgave her, if only in word.

The day before the final test Ren approached Haruka, she told her she might not make it. Not making it meant death, both knew this. Haruka tried to cheer Ren up, she believed Ren thought she was not strong enough.
The test was to fight all 10 ninja masters, one after an other. 10 minutes per master, no rules. Haruka went first, she cleared it with ease… Even killing one master, and seriously injuring a few more. Ren went second, she too cleared it with ease.
Their final evaluation was that Haruka was too eager for blood, and Ren too shy to it. A great celebration was thrown, as Ren and Haruka stepped up to the ranks, fully fledged Akatsukis.

During the latest hours of the night, when everyone was sleeping the party off, Ren ran off, leaving only a letter to Haruka, saying that she is sorry, but she cannot be the monster the Akatsuki wants her to be, nor can keep lying… even now, she could not bring herself to fully forgive her, for what her family had done, even though she had previously said she had.

A few years passed, Ren used her talents helping the weak, the innocent… Just as her father wanted. She even assassinated corrupt lords. She had run into a young man a few times, finally he introduced himself as Sanada Tousen. Sanada, Ren knew, was an other family who served the Takeda clan. He told her that the Takeda clan had fallen, and that he owed a debt to her grandfather. He never mentioned what this debt was, or how it was to be repaid, but she figured that helping her would be part of it.

Some more years passed, and Ren was now 23. She was finishing up an assassination of a Lord who had terrorized his people, and stolen everything they had, when she ran into someone she never again had hoped to see… Haruka appeared. Apparently, the Akatsuki was hired by the lord. Ren had fought some of them on the way in, as it turned out. Haruka was there for a different cause however. She was there to kill Ren. “No one betrays the Akatsuki, Ren… Noone!” A fierce battle took place. They both realized, that one could not beat the other. Haruka signed with her hands calling for back-up. Ren acted quick as lightning, she threw a poisoned kunai at Haruka’s leg. And the split second that Haruka closed her eyes, and looked at her leg, Ren ran away.

Ren slowed down, and stopped by a clearing. Crying, over the fact the she had just fought her best friend. What was worse, she had channeled her hatred for the Hiruzen clan. She remained there, for some time, thinking about what she had been doing for the past years, and what she would do now.
“What is the point?”, Ren asked herself. “No matter how hard I work… No matter how hard I try… Someone always suffer… What is the point?”, that was the moment she was bestowed with the Divine Blade of Protection. According to herself, the sickest joke the Gods have ever played…

Akiyama Ren

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