Okami Satsuko

Shape-shifting giant wolf


Satsuko is an okami, a creature of the wilderness, capable of changing her shape into that of a tall, powerful-looking woman and also into that of a little girl. She wears an elaborate kimono embroidered with wolves in both her human forms.

Satsuko favors Body, both in her wolf and human forms.


A sketch of Satsuko’s abilities (for overview purposes only)

Body 8
Soul 6
Mind 4 (Less Capable: Human Customs -2)

HP 70 (human form) 90 (wolf form)
EP 10

ACV 7/9
DCV 7/9
Armor 8 (both forms)

Alternate Form (Human)
Alternate Identity (Shifting Age)

Weapons: Jaws, weapon level 3. 1 level of Massive Damage. Total 27 damage (18 base + 9 acc)

Special Movement: Tree Stride (not slowed down by vegetation), Mountain Stride (move at full speed across mountains), Fast x3 (wolf form only), Silent Movement (sneaks at full speed).

Land Speed

Healing 1 (10 HP) Delay (8 hours).

Invisibility (Hearing, Sight) (Restriction: Environmental, forests and mountains only).

Supersense (Smell)
Sixth Sense (the Unrighteous)
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Smell)
Heightened Awareness

Wilderness Survival

Okami Satsuko

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