The Drunken Monk Sword-Saint


Umon is a fiercely strong, massive man with a great beard. He’s extremely manly and associates only with manly men, so as to not corrupt his ki with womanly weakness. He loves sake, preferably in the company of other strong and handsome men. Unfortunately he is a very mean drunk, and arrogant even when sober.

Umon was chosen as the wielder of the Star of Strength, a massive tetsubo and Blade of Destiny. He sworn brotherhood to Takeda Ryuji, but was unable to serve at his side due to a promise to the dying Abbot – that he must find the Field of Red Flowers.

Umon favors Body, at the expense of Mind.


Traits (for overview only)

Body 8
Soul 6 (Less Capable: Women -4, Less Capable: Keeping Calm -4)
Mind 4

Superstrength 2


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