Movers and Shakers

House Getsumei, an expansive family and clan battling for supremacy over the oceans and smaller islands. With no clear leader or headman, the family is more akin to a vast network of allies than a political player in itself. The Blade of the Ocean is in their hands, wielded by the young scion Getsumei Kujira.

Motanari Yuki is a ruthless female Shogun with a calculating mind. Wielder of the Blade of Winter herself, she is a fearsome warrior and said to be extremely intelligent and scheming, as cool and calculating as the element she holds.

Asai Kyodain is one of the more powerful warring leaders. He has no Blade of his own, but through scheming has surrounded himself with three great heroes, all of whom are Sword Saints. The most prominent is his own daughter, Asai Sakura, who wields the Blade of Empire. Kyodain is convinced that this will lead to his eventual victory.

The Asai crest.

House Ootori is a powerful but scattered House, having sent out its scions in many directions. They have the following crest:


Movers and Shakers

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