The Blades of Destiny

A Blade of Destiny is, at first glance, a weapon. Most of them are swords. Some are axes, spears, daggers, or stranger weapons still. Yet a Blade is also inexorably bound to its wielder, and therefore considered part of that person. They can always be summoned at will; the wielder of a Blade of Destiny is never unarmed. Some are enormous and impossible to hide – others are inconspicuous, a plain katana or a rusty old knife.

A Blade of Destiny grants its owner any number of wondrous powers, tied to the Destiny over which it reigns. It is also a formidable weapon, having at least 1 Weapon Level above a normal weapon of its type (though only rarely more than 2 additional Levels).

Yet for all the power granted by the Blade, it brings with it terrible responsibilities. The Blade does not just represent a concept, but influences its future. Should the wielder of a Blade of Destiny die, the future of that concept grows dim. Conversely, should he grow in power, so does the future of that concept. Worst of all, his choices influence the future of the concept – to forgive makes the concept forgiving, to love makes it loving… and to hate makes it resonate with hatred.

The Sword-Saints who wield the Blades of Destiny are aware of their power, but they are still human, and the powers can be used for their own gain. Some wield the blades purely to do Heaven’s will. Others use them for their families, their friends… or their coin purses.

The Blades of Destiny

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