New Attributes

Combat Technique: Mounted Charge

When performing a charge on horseback, the character treats his or her Damage Multiplier at one point higher. This Combat Technique is identical to Leap Attack, but is performed from horseback instead of from the air.

Combat Technique: Commander

When performing a Give Command action, instead of giving the normal +1 bonus, the character gives the maximum +3 bonus on the first turn. In addition to this, the bonus persists for two turns instead of the normal one, as long as the ally receiving the command continues to follow the order and the flow of battle has not changed enough to make the order obsolete.

Combat Technique: Sacrificial Strike

When performing an All-Out Attack, instead of subtracting -3 from Defense and adding +3 to Attack, the character may transfer any number he or she wishes, to a maximum bonus of +6. This maximum can be waived by the GM when dramatically appropriate.

Combat Technique: Survival Instincts

You may roll a defense roll even while asleep or otherwise unable to detect an incoming attack, though at a -3 penalty. Normally, sleeping or unconscious characters are treated as inanimate objects.

Combat Technique: War Dancer

You are an expert at dodging and weaving the onslaught of faceless soldiers. Ignore one “phantom attack” made by a Mob every round (see Mobs and Armies). This Combat Technique may only be bought once; further evading soldiers requires Extra Defences. If you are attacked my multiple Mobs, you may still only evade one phantom attack total – not one per unit.

New Attributes

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