It’s here, it’s here, IT’S HERE!

To celebrate the show finally going live, we’re also starting up the long awaited segment where you, the fans, send in your questions to none other me, TAKEDA RYUJI! There’s no need to hold back, feel free to ask me anything.

Now, we already have a few questions, let’s see…
Here’s a question from s3phiroth_92.

Hello Takeda sama, I’m a big fan! Cogratulations on the show airing! My question is: Why did you and Yamamoto travel all the way to the Thrashing Carp Teahouse in search for Ren? How did you know how to find her? Did you track her down?’

Hello s3phie-kun, thank you for the kind words. I went after Ren because I knew I needed her beside me if I were to conquer Yashima. We had heard rumours about the blade she wielded and her prowess when wielding it. Besides Yamamoto vouched for her, being the granddaughter of one of his old friends. Boy did he get surprised when he met her though; he was not pleased at all! She’s got guts that woman, I like it , but she needs to be careful, the old man does not take that kind of attitude lightly… As for how I found her? No I didn’t track her down or anything like that. That’s creepy and will make you unpopular. Don’t do that kids! No, when you are as fine a man as I, all you need to do is rely on your guts and your instinct! Trust in them and they will steer you in the right direction.

Now, here is one from MisterNiceGuy

Hello!! Why didn’t you speak up and explain things when Lord Otori mistook you for Ren?

Because I thought it was funny.


Mrexposition asks:

After making Ryuiji sized holes through the paper walls and helping Ren with the ninjas, you took her to see Nichiren the monk. He treated her wounds and sent you out to Wolf Mountain to find the Buddah’s Tear for Ren. When you found the flower you met with Satsuko the Okami. She explained the situation, why she had attacked the monk and eventually she agreed to join you if you helped her judge Nichiren’s character. She then brought you back, waiting for you at the end of the forest. When you returned you found out that ren didn’t need the plant after all, and then you all went to bed. The next morning you went to breakfast and declared war on the Otori house! That was all very exciting. But my question is really, what is your favorite colour?

Hello Exposition-kun, wow that was certainly an interesting and conveniently asked question. The answer is: RED!

KawaiiBeeshoujo asks:
Ooooh, Takeda sama! Squeeee! Do you have a girlfriend?

Hello Bee-chan, no I do not. Regardless of what the old man thought was going on with me and Satsuko. I am a free man.

moemoeMachineX asks:

Osu! Your final fight against the army of Otori moved me deeply! The way you went WHOSH and the other went OOW, and the CLING and the CLANG…it was all very impressive. Were you nervous?

Thank you for your touching re-telling of the battle. This guy gets it, everyone burn my majestic dance of war in to your mind. That is what a true man looks like! Of course I was nervous, little known fact: Lances hurt A LOT. But they needed to do at least that for it to be interesting! It’s when you fight to your fullest you are truly alive. So give it your all as well, young ones!

That raps us up I’m afraid, but remember that you can all send in your questions and I will answer them with all my might! Please continue to support us and look forward to the next episode, it’s going to be a good one.
Until next time,



That’s right folks, a new week, a new episode and most importantly, a new episode of TAKEDA RYUJI’S QUESTION TIME~U!

The response from last week to this segment was even better than I thought it would be. The show where you, the fans, send in your questions to none other me, TAKEDA RYUJI!

There were many questions this week, so we have no time to lose, so let’s get on with it right away!
The first question comes in from RyuxRen who writes:

Gratz on the success! Love the show, Ryu-sama!!!! I did notice that in this episode there was a lot more intimate moments with Ren-sama… How do you feel about that, Ryu-sama?!!!

Thank you very much, Ryux…erhm, you.
Well, that is certainly an interesting question, and I can see that it’s very important to you. I admit I don’t quite know what intimate moment you are thinking about, but I imagine that it was the ride to Peach Blossom Mountain. And yes, there is no doubt that it was an amazing ride in more ways than one, and while having a woman desperately clutching your chest, pulling you closer with all her might is a worthwhile experience and one I heartily recommend to all the men watching, I would suggest doing so while not still having large open wounds at the very chest she is clutching on to. It is a minor thing, but does dampen the atmosphere a bit. As for what I feel about it… Unlike friend Umon, I do not fear the touch of women, and if the gods or producers deem that there will be more intimate moments I will certainly not mind, but know this: Akiyama Ren is my general, not my woman. She is a proud warrior of the Takeda clan and while I can’t give you any guarantees that I won’t see her differently in the future, for now she is simply that: My general and my friend.

Somewhat related, xCutePiex asks:

It was so dramatic when Ren fainted after the ride through the forest and you had to take care of her! What were your thoughts at the time?

Wow, there are many questions regarding me and Ren today. When she fainted it was a bittersweet thing. Ren is loyal to a fault, trying to fulfill her duty even after losing consciousness. It is admirable, but it is also worrying. When she fainted it was another reminder that she still does not trust me enough to ask for my aid. I don’t know if it’s due to her pride, that it’s her duty to protect, not mine, or fear that I might send her away should I find her weak. Regardless of her reasoning, it shows that she doesn’t truly trust me. But, I will make her accept me, and allow me to protect her when she cannot.

Our friend Mrexposition from last week is here again with another in-depth question.

Hello again! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my last question, it was very informative! However, when reading the forums it seems quite a lot of people didn’t really like my question, thinking that I went on and on about something completely unrelated. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I am very sorry! That’s why this week I will try harder to be quick and to the point!
Well, after having carried Ren with you to the monks at the Peach Blossom Mountain, sparred with Kenichi and the other monks, you spoke with the Abbott about Nichiren’s betrayal. You then proceeded to pray to your parents and younger brother followed by a hearty meal, the first one in several days if I remember correctly. Then you consulted Ren on your plans and then moved on to meet with Umon at the Cast Iron Buddha’s Garden. There you stood up against him and quickly became his friend. You drank, you sang and you were merry. Then you two ate breakfast the morning after and eventually Ren and Sakura appeared and you introduced them. Nichiren and his men soon showed up and you fought. They were quickly defeated but you all got some nasty injuries in the process. Satsuko officially joined the group, and after many dramatic conversations between yourselves you made your way back to the temple to rest and to plan. NOW, with all that said, what did you think about the food?

Hello Exposition-kun, please don’t worry. Your questions so far have all been thought-provoking and surprisingly convenient. Now, you bring up several good points, and I suppose my answer is: Good enough! The monks may prefer a vegetarian diet, but they have plenty of it!

Now, unfortunately not all our viewers are trained in Etiquette, which we can see from MrAmtrOller, as he writes:

u keep trying to mak Rean pass of as if she looked like a man… She doesnt look like a man! I mean she nearly ped her pants when you ride the wulf! and u always seem to let the bad guys hit you y do u suck so much?!

Hello Oller-kun.
First off I would like to apologize. When sorting through these mails I fear Yamamoto noticed your comments and got rather displeased. He left to “look in to the matter”, which usually does not end well. But, assuming you are still around to listen to this, let’s continue!
First off, I don’t actually ever pass Ren off as a man. Others simply assume her gender based on what I say and the way she dress. And though you may have worded it poorly, yes, she does look quite lovely. Now, finally, though again you worded it quite rudely, you do bring up an important issue, why do I allow myself to get hit by the bad guys? Now, I won’t go in to detail, since as I’m sure all you kids at home know from your own personal experiences by now, when fighting an enemy to the death, sooner or later you are going to get hit regardless. However, Oller-kun makes a valid point: several times throughout the show I have taken hits that I didn’t necessarily need to. Partly this is to gauge their strength, but perhaps most importantly, I don’t want to waste my Energy. Every man or woman, even a man such as myself, have only so much Energy to spend in one day, which is why it’s important to use it wisely. Everyone needs to decide how he or she can best spend their Energy, be it to do well during class, winning the 100m dash or by cutting through the enemies in front of you. Had my heart truly been in it, I probably could have avoided the lance that rider shoved at me, instead I decided to give my all in punting him off his horse with a tetsubo. I stand by my decision.

Coolvan(RUS) writes:

Hello Takeda Ryuji! I am big fan of show! You is favorite character, very badass. Is question: We know you fight well with sword, bow, club and spear. But now UMON challenged you to wrestle. Are you good at wrestle? Do you think you will win? Have you wrestled many big mans before?

Hello Coolvan-kun, it’s always good hearing from our Russian fans. This might be a controversial topic, but since you clearly have a good understanding of the show, I will answer it will all my might!
Yes, Yes I think I would win. Never go in to a fight with the mindset thinking that you would lose. If you do, you have already lost, not only to your opponent, but to yourself. I wouldn’t dishonor Umon that way. With that said, Umon would be a formidable opponent. I have wrestled with men larger than myself, but none nearly as big and strong as Umon. Whatever the result ends up being, I expect it would be an excellent event that will get your blood pumping, look forward to it!

Well, I think that is about as much as we have time for this week. Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions, and all of you who watch and support the show. And let us all hope for a swift recovery for Oller-kun.

A final thank you as well to our amazing sponsors; Big Eyes, Small Mouth, who helps this show stay on air.

Well then, I will see you all next week and look forward to the thrilling confrontation with the Azai forces, it’s going to be a good one! And of course the equally thrilling next episode of TAKEDA RYUJI’S QUESTION TIME~U!

Until next time,



It’s here, just as promised, the highly anticipated TAKEDA RYUJI’S QUESTION TIME~U!
The show where you, the fans, send in your questions to none other me, TAKEDA RYUJI!

We have received an overwhelming amount of question this time around and I will try to go through as many as I can. First off is the self-proclaimed Loremaster-Kankuro-sama who sends in a two-parter question:

Takeda Ryuji… In this installment Akiyama Ren bestowed upon thee quite a bit of knowledge concerning the Akatsuki, and their techniques. My questions are two as follows, if you permit.
1. What is your tactical assessment of their threat level.
2. And, what did you feel when you saw Haruka… Conversely, what did you feel when you thought back at her, after finding out her true identity?

Hello Kankuro-kun.
You seem quite interested in these things so I will explain my thoughts on the Akatsuki.
As far as tactical assessment goes, it is impossible to tell. I learned about the Akatsuki ranks and abilities, but very little of their actual numbers. From my limited experience fighting against their rank and file fighters, though formidable opponents in an ambush, they do not seem like major threats after their initial surprise attack. Ren spoke of there being about maybe 5 genuinely dangerous opponents at the camp she stayed at, which implies there are other camps like it, but I can only assume she didn’t know much about them. As it stands, I realize they are a potential threat, but as it seems unlikely they would move in groups much larger than 4 or 5, so direct confrontation with them does not really worry me. The abilities that this Haruka woman exemplified however are more worrisome. The ability to sacrifice an entire squadron of men without a second thought, merely to get what she want seems far more dangerous. Which I suppose brings me to the second part of your question.
When first noticing this Haruka woman, I noticed she was indeed quite exceptional but she hid her nature well, and I didn’t think much more of it. Afterwards however, the pieces fell in to place, and I could see her for whom and what she was. She is indeed an exceptional opponent. But she may try all she wants, I let will not her, Akatsuki or this army stand in my way.

Next up is an old friend of the show who asks:

Dear Takeda Ryuji,
this episode sure was exciting! As you know lot of things happened!
My question for you is: When you found out Ren had possibly been badmouthing you at that teahouse, what were your thoughts? Did you figure it was all a misunderstanding?

Hello again Expo..Ah, I’m sorry, hello Not MrExpo-kun! I mistook you for another of our great fans for a second there. Yes, indeed a lot of things happened! Well, hearing it from Satsuko was indeed rather confusing and I will confess, Ren’s explanation didn’t really help, rather it gave birth to even more questions. Even now I’m not quite sure what took place in there.
With that said however, I never believed for a second that Ren was genuinely badmouthing me, as I stated last week, Ren is loyal to a fault, and I would never imagine her purposefully doing something like that. She does occasionally forget herself sometimes though. It is clear that she is not used to her position yet, not merely her relation to me, but rather people in general. I fear that she’s been alone for a long time and worse yet, gotten used to being alone. I imagine that’s why she occasionally says or does things that might inadvertently shame herself or those sensitive enough to care about such, merely due to her inexperience to having companions around her who she needs to account for. I don’t care too much about what she says about me, but I do hope she will get used to having friends around her again, and perhaps more importantly, doing so might save her some of Yamamoto’s ire.

RyuxRen returns again this week with not so much a question, as a concern:

Hello, Ryu-sama! You and Ren-sama sure had some emotional scenes this time… But, what about that Megumi person? You can’t let her get between you and Ren-sama!

Hello again…you!
Oh fear not, more companions will not get in the way of me and Ren. She is very special to me and our friendship will not be endangered, even by someone as grand as Lady Azai.

A surprisingly similar concern comes from a first timer here on the show, MegxRyuji writes:

Kyaaaaa! Its finally here! Megumi has appeared before you, Ryuji! She was soooo cool! Of course not as cool as you, Ryuji! But still…. Her cool presence, and that determination… KYAAA! But! You should keep a better leach on that Ren… Pff, what business does she have asking Megumi why she was nervous and all…

Hello, megx…ehrm, you.
Indeed, Lady Azai is a fine woman and cool indeed. We are fortunate that she chose to accept my offer; it would have pained me to lose someone with as much potential as her. I will show her the kind of man I am and convince her that her sword is better wielded in the name of Takeda. Ren might have been blunt, but don’t worry, I’m sure she meant no disrespect, she merely wanted to see what sort of person she was.

Another newcomer to the show in the form of xXxXShotaFangirl1993xXxX asks:

Hi Takeda Ryuji! I just learned of your show and started watching, kyaa, so exciting! Juro was sooo cute the way he stood up to you! Will you teach him more stuff? Do you think he’ll be your apprentice? Don’t you think he’s amazing?

Hello Fangirl–chan, glad you found the show. Make sure to check out the older episodes as well, the first DVD box will be out shortly at your nearest BESM store.

You have a keen eye; Juro is indeed a fine boy and his eyes burns with passion! I have paid special attention to the boy during my stay here at Peach Blossom Mountain, he is doing well and I believe that he is soon ready to challenge some of the older intermediate monks. Though he would be a fine apprentice, he is not ready to walk the same path as I. I believe he should stay at the temple and spur the other children forward; he will be a good example for them I think. That is his place, at least for now.

Now, for real this time, it is our good friend Mrexposition with another question.

Hello! Thank you for your kind words last week, I didn’t get nearly as much hatemail this week! Encouraged by this show of support from the other viewers, I will continue to be quick and to the point!

Now, first you helped Satsuko to recover from her wounds. Then you went to bed to wake up to breakfast and Ren explaining what she knew about Akatsuki and Chi. You then went to get a Shogi board to challenge Kenshin to another match to show him the error of his ways. You won but didn’t really succeed with your attempt, so you went on to teach the junior monks. There you found Juro, a spirited young boy who you sparred with. You then went to consult the Abbott and then you waited for the time of the ceremony to take place and your wounds to heal. During that time you once again fought with Kenshin. He fought you with his staff, while you used your chopsticks and your bowl, teaching him the importance of an open mind and improvisation. This gave birth to what would grow in to a strong friendship in the following days. You questioned Ren regarding rumors of her claiming to be a courtesan but other than that, you waited. Then on the day of the ceremony you made sure to prepare food for Umon and got to know young lord Azai. After the ceremony ended up a failure, you rode off on Satsuko in search of the Star of Strength, after making plans with young lord Azai. You found the sword, but was unable to move it. Realizing this, you went back for the urn, then you met Lady Azai and you exchanged words, ending with you destroying the urn, and her hopes of succeeding in her mission. This led to her accepting her failure and eventually your offer to join you. You rode back, stationed her with Ren and Sakura as you explained yourself to the Abbott. Then you readied yourself and went down to the Azai camp along with Ren. There you convinced the young lord to give and send back his troops. However, the enemy konoichi Haruka destroyed any chance for peace by slaying the lord just as you left the camp, and so the war was on. This was all pretty exciting I suppose, but what REALLY got me excited was that shogi game with Kenshin! What was your strategy called and who taught you how to play?

Hello Exposition-kun, I’m glad your popularity is increasing!
Now, my strategy is an adaption of my old family war plan: BOOMERANG SNAKE~U! A strategy where you overwhelm the enemy by emulating the hard to read and reactive movement of a snake. As for who taught me, it was old man Yamamoto. He has taught me well, but I have yet to win a game off of him. He’s a fearsome opponent.

Finally, our friend from last week, Coolvan(RUS) asks us another fine question:

Hello Takeda Ryuji! I am still big fan of show. Is a shame this episode end before fight! But is fight next episode, so is okay. This time you also fight impressive man, KENSHIN, but you beat him easy! Is question: Why fight with chopstick? Is chopstick not bad weapon for fight at full power?

Hello again Coolvan-kun, glad to hear you still like the show, and you’ve only seen the start, It’s only going to get more intense going forward! And as expected of you, you ask an important question.
As I’m sure a man such as yourself already knows, sometimes words are not enough to convey ones thoughts and emotions, sometimes the only way to understand someone is to face them in combat. However, sometimes even that isn’t enough. I had fought Kenshin and learned his character, and I had tried speaking to him, but I could still not get through to him. This is why I tried again, this time not to fight Kenshin, but his point of view.
You are right, chopsticks, albeit convenient in many other ways, often makes for poor weapons of war. But in Kenshin’s case, simply beating him using sheer power would only have proven that I am stronger than him, it wouldn’t have done much good in changing his way of thinking. Instead I wanted to show him what he was lacking. I believe I succeeded and not only did it help him go from merely being a good fighter, to a great one, but more importantly, it also earned me a good friend.
Keep this in mind you viewers at home, beating the people you want to become your friends with heavy blunt instruments is not always the only way! I do hope you were able to enjoy the fight despite not seeing me go all out, but rest assured, next week TAKEDA RYUJI will enter the battlefield! Look forward to it!

And that is all for today friends. I once again want to thank you for your support and that of the fine people over at Big Eyes, Small Mouth. As I mentioned earlier, next week will definitely get your blood pumping, so stay tuned.

But until then,



There! How did you all like that double episode!? We all worked hard to show you this final part of the Peach Blossom Mountain arc. And what’s more, a double-episode of TAKEDA RYUJI’S QUESTION TIME~U!
The show where you, the fans, send in your questions to none other me, TAKEDA RYUJI!

Our diligent friend Coolvan(RUS) starts us off with an important question.

_Hello Takeda Ryuji! This episode was good fighting!!! Very exciting!! My favorite!!! I order DVD box with extras already.

This time you fight many mans on horse and with bows, but most powerful enemy must have been KATSURO, he was very strong! But is question: When he shouted to challenge you, SATSUKO was in big trouble! SATSUKO can fight too, by turning into wolf, but she had many wounds! Was it tough choice? Fight big man or save pretty lady, this must be very hard!_

Hah, see, I told you it would be worth the wait! I’m glad that the fight moved you, and I would suggest to any other fans out there watching to follow in Coolvan-kun’s footsteps and order the DVD box quickly before they sell out! Type in “BURNING SPIRIT” at the BESM checkout page for a 10% discount, this week only.
Now, onto your question. It was actually an easy choice to make. The difficult part was following through with it. It is as you say, Satsuko had already been injured while fighting admirably against the ashigaru and I did leave her to fend for herself to selfishly fight Katsuro. But make no mistake however, Satsuko is strong. Okami or not, she is one of my proud warriors and I would not shame her by doubting her abilities. I did what I could by helping her finish off the last of the ashigaru and soften up the cavalry, but it was my duty to face their challenger. Katsuro was indeed strong, and allowing him to move freely on the battlefield would have been too dangerous. Had he and Kurosawa coordinated their attacks with their men, their momentum would have been too strong and the flow of the battle would have turned against us. Only me and Ren would have been able to stand against that man, and as Ren was busy fighting her own battle and protecting the other men, I had no choice but to try and finish the battle quickly and trust that Satsuko would be able to hold on until I had won. And she did.
War is never pretty and I am fully aware that my actions led to Satsuko almost dying. Had I known then about Haruka and her poison, I might have acted differently, but worrying about what one should have done keeps you from looking at what you should do in the here and now. I will simply learn from this and of this Haruka-woman and move forwards.

Next up is Megumifangirl341 who writes:

Again Asai-sama barely got to do anything. Her Kiai was glorious none the less! Did you hear it?! It was cool, indeed, was it not?
Ehum… For my actual question. Are you concerned about the loyalty of the soldiers, and of Asai-sama? Do you believe they may betray you in the future?

I did hear it, 341-chan. It was indeed impressive, though I preferred the one she makes when she laughs. No, I am not concerned. If you doubt your men, then it’s only natural that your men will doubt you. Such a leader deserves to be betrayed. These are men who have fought me and survived. They know me, just as I know them. And they know I am different from Azai Shinji and Noburu. These men are loyal not only to me, but more notably to their Lady Azai. They will follow her, and she in turn will follow me, because she knows that here, she is not only wanted but needed. This is the place where she belongs.

Now, two similar questions asked by two of our fans, proving that great minds think alike!
Shounen Hero Z writes:

Great work in this episode! You’re getting pretty good at defeating those enemies, even when they come in masses. I look forward to seeing you fight a REAL enemy though… you know, a proper Sword-Saint! But here’s my question: Why did you let that bastard Noburu get away? He had disrespected you right from the start! If it were me, my heart would burn with passion to cut him down!

And his question is supplemented with our friend, the still self-proclaimed Loremaster-Kankuro-sama:

My Lord Takeda Ryuji, I noticed that left a great many people alive during this battle. A tremendous feat, to be sure! Were they all intentional, did you firmly believe that they might join you, given the option? Or was it simply… A spur of the moment?
And furthermore! The lord Noburu, was also left alive. Are you not concerned that he will weasel and connive the truth to fit his agenda, and perhaps even pin the entire Asai clan against you?

Now first, Hero-kun, I’m glad to hear you liked it, our blood, sweat and tears went in to it after all. But yes, great as this fight was, I am also curious what it will be like to fight another Sword-Saint. There will be no choice but to go all out against such an opponent, so when the time comes, look forward to something special!

As for this fight and the people left alive, I gave no order to intentionally leave people alive. We were vastly outnumbered and our only option was to strike them as hard as we could and scatter them. There was no time to pull our punches. With that said, we didn’t pursue anyone who threw down their weapon or lost the will to fight either. Our aim was not to kill the enemy, but to defeat them. Abe and Kurosowa were different since Lady Azai vouched for them and I guess Ren thought Sho deserved a second chance as well.

As for Noburu… That man has proven himself to be foul time and time again. I had wanted to spare him as a courtesy to old man Yamamoto, he is his enemy after all. And he had turned his back and fled. He wasn’t worth dirtying my blade by shooting him in the back and tending to my troops were more important than riding him down. Not to mention dispatching the two Akatuski assassins. He may spread whatever lie he wants to those foolish enough to believe him, it won’t change the fact that he lacks honor nor does it change what happened that day. It is regrettable what happened at the teahouse, but at least by doing so, he sealed his fate. His past will catch up to him sooner or later.

Our good friend Mrexposition joins us with a personal question.

Hello! I..I seem to have gotten the attention of certain people with my latest question… But for it all to make sense, I suppose I should start from the beginning.

So, as you are well aware, on the day of the great Battle of Peach Blossom Mountain, you started to make preparations with Kenshin to have the Guardian statues readied as part of the defense, and sent Ren and Satsuko to take care of the enemy scouts.

As the battle began and the statues had done their duty, you moved on to take care of the enemy archers. Then you followed that up with helping Satsuko against the combined attack of ashigaru and the cavalry. That is when you faced Katsuro . It was a fierce fight but you won just in time to order Satuko who was at this point heavily injured to retreat. Then you moved on to first Abe, and then Kurosawa and his men. After Kurosawa had yielded, you moved to stop Noburu, but as he saw the Akatuski begin to move and realized what had happened, he ran away, just as you were attacked. You decisively defended Ren’s honour and slew the shinobi and rallied the men, both your own and those of the remaining enemy soldiers, and as they saw the truth, they swore their allegiance. Weary and slow from the Akatuski’s poison, you moved to Satsuko, and ordered incense to be brought forward. The poison had greatly affected her and as she grew weaker, you bent down to treat the wound. And thanks to your sword’s powers, and the okami’s spiritual body, as you kissed the wound, you made it better, expelling the lingering corruption. With that seen to you went to see Ren and the others and got informed that the Akatuski woman called Haruka had attacked them and grievously injured Lady Ootori. You left Ren to tend to the wounds as you and Umon went to say farewell to the Abbot who was dying. You and Ren had a difficult conversation after which you distanced yourself from her. Instead you spoke with Lady Azai and the other captains and made sure to go on expeditions without her. First you went to gather the Takeda Refugees, and then took Kurosawa and his men to gather the Azai supply caravan. There you met and subsequently fought Isei Ryoichi, the Little Flying General. Impressed by your strength and what he had heard of you, he joined you and your cause. You returned back to the temple and let Satusko out to hunt, promising her that you would soon leave these stone houses. You spoke with Ren, and you two had another complicated talk, but this one ending with you reconciling. Soon after which you went to drink and celebrate with the troops and you spoke to Umon about the future. Then you drank and were merry until it was time to sleep. You woke up and exercised as loudly as possible until it was finally time to say goodbye to the temple and the monks. You promised Kenshin you would return these lands to how they once were, and he in turn promised that the Takedas would always find friends at the Peach Blossom Mountain. You told Juro to be strong, and more importantly a good person, and so, you and Ren carrying the still injured Sakura, left the Peach Blossom Mountain.

NOW, with all these things in mind, I’d ask you, though the hate mail certainly has gotten better, I..I believe I am being watched. People are following me around, leaving dead animals in front of my house and…this morning there was a suspicious looking box outside my door. So, I’m wondering, should I open it?

Thank you Exposition-kun, well that certainly was a well thought out question. I’m glad to hear that the community are arranging activities even outside of the forums! And my answer is of course: YES! Open the box and uncover its secrets. If there is one thing to learn from our adventures at Peach Blossom Mountain it is to not hesitate but to boldly go forward. What is the worst that could happen?

An impudent little fan calling himself NiNjAsRULE asks:

Takeda Ryuji! You will not fight off the Akatsuki so easy! How does it feel knowing that the ninja are coming for you?

I say let them come. I have killed their warriors and they bleed like anyone else. I have no doubt that there are notably more dangerous opponents within their ranks, but they lack honour and I will not lose to them, even if they do take me by surprise. What does worry me somewhat are the ones like this Haruka woman. She thought nothing of sacrificing hundreds of men to get what she wanted. It’s their ability to weave lies and pit forces against each other that is their true power, but not even that will protect them if they stand in my way.

Which brings me finally to RyuxRen question:

Poor Ren-sama! She appears to harbor so much confusion regarding Haruka… She even said such a horrible thing to you, Ryu-sama… That she would stop your sword. How did you feel about that, it… Doesn’t change anything between the two of you, does it?! T_T

I’m afraid it did. Ren…disappointed me. Not due to her contribution in the fight, Ren has proven herself as irreplaceable several times since we met, not merely due to her abilities, but as a friend.
What disappointed me was her character. I do understand that she wanted to protect Haruka as she sees her as family, but by doing so she was actively putting the lives that are my duty to protect in jeopardy. I was disappointed that she wasn’t able to steel her heart to protect these people and perhaps more than anything, I was disappointed that she didn’t share the same bond to these people as the one I have. I am Takeda Ryuji, clan head of house Takeda, which means that those who serve under me are my family. By saying what she did, she showed that she didn’t view them the same way. Not towards me, not Satsuko or even Sakura. This last part is perhaps selfish of me to request, especially since I’ve known her barely two weeks. But I hope these bonds will grow in time

That wraps us up for this special edition of TAKEDA RYUJI’S QUESTION TIME~U!

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