The Akatsuki

The Akatsuki are a ninja organization whose true objective remains a secret.

Upon being picked-up by the Akatsuki, you are stripped off your previous affiliations, and name, for the purpose of your new duty. For simplicity, among only other Akatsuki, the original names are generally used. But, as secrecy is a key aspect to the Akatsuki, outside of the village the usage of names are prohibited.

The ranks of the Akatsuki can be divided up in four levels, but gaging the power of an individual Akatsuki based on their rank is next to impossible, due to aforementioned pledge to secrecy:

Genin: The trainee’s, rarely given missions. Only a handful actually survive the brutal training.
Chuunin: The foot soldiers. Generally in teams of 3, lead by one Jonin.
Jonin: The captains of the Akatsuki. Few in number, about 1 per 3 Chuunin. Jonin are generally feared, due to the exceptional power and combat experience they possess.
Kage: The most powerful ninja in the village. Legends say that there are more then one Kage, up to a total of 5. However, other then legends and hear-say, very little is known about the Kage.

Due to Akiyama Ren’s defection, she has key insight into the inner workings of the Akatsuki. For one, she knows that the secret techniques of the Akatsuki are passed down into scrolls to the Kage. Those being the secrets to Internal and External Chi, or Ki.

The Akatsuki

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