The Passionless Valley

The Passionless Valley is a cold valley in Shinano, famous for its medicinal plants. It’s presided over by the Ogasawara clan.

Takeda Ryuji has been invited to the Valley by his cousin, Ogasawara Kenichi, and brings the following entourage:

Takeda Yamamoto
The old Yamamoto has been maintaining distance to Ren, unable to entirely forgive her for Takeda Rina’s death. He’s spent his time quietly encouraging Ryuji’s relationship with Lady Ootori, in the hopes that he can steer Ryuji away from thoughts of Satsuko. Has he been successful in encouraging Ryuji to deepen his relationship with the head of House Ootori?

Azai Megumi
Azai Megumi has spent her time training with the troops, and if she’s been trusted with it, handling small military operations. She’s settling into her role as commander and has grown closer with the troops.

Satsuko, the Okami
Satsuko has spent most of her time in the wilderness, straightening out the local spirits. Yamamoto has done his best to keep her there, but despite this, she’s come back to stay at Ryuji’s side on several occasions.

Ootori Sakura
Sakura has been trained by either Ryuji or Ren. In what way?

Inukake Bo
Bo has spent most of his time in prayer and meditation, retreating to the temples at Ootori’s lands. He has attempted to purify his spirit of his many crimes, and has paid out of his wages for more righteous monks to return to Ootori lands.


Plus a handful of borrowed servants from Lady Ootori.

The Passionless Valley

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