Towns and Forests



Mikawa-boshi is home to Ootori Hachi and his family. It houses several stone Buddhas and temples, and since Hachi invaded it two years ago he has spent all the resources on praying to Heaven.

The province is home to a large mountain, which is haunted by an okami. It also contains a teahouse called the Thrashing Carp Teahouse.

Peach Blossom Mountain

Peach Blossom Mountain is a mountain, located in the old Takeda lands in Totomi-boshi. Home to a great monastery, it houses many monks.


Kai is the central province of what once was the Takeda lands.


Shinano-boshi is a cold, mountainous region, home to the Ogasawara, a client branch of Takeda. While bitter in winter, it contains some sheltered regions where people grow assorted rare herbs, including the fabled Passionless Valley.

Towns and Forests

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