Unresolved Plot Threads

Sakura’s Training
After having killed Ryuji’s last living relative, It has become clear that Sakura will need further training to hone her resolve and character if she is to avoid falling too far towards the darkness. Will it be possible for Sakura to be redeemed or was the old abbot right in his prediction about her?

Forgiveness and Resentment
Will Ryuji accept Ren’s request to help her train Sakura or will the lingering anger prevent him from doing so? Will he forgive her? What about Ren? Yamamoto? Lady Ootori? And prhaps more importantly, will she forgive herself?

Abe’s Love
Abe’s affection for Ren has lead to lack of judgement several times already. Will his feelings ever be reciprocated or will it end in tragedy?

Satsuko’s Kiss
Satsuko, in a moment of confusion kissed Ryuji on the lips after their encounter with Kemono. Since then, she has been more conscious of herself and other people, avoiding to tend to other people’s wounds in human form as well as trying to learn more about what it means to be human and having human feelings. Meanwhile, Yamamoto observes the development with increasing unease.

House Ootori Strikes Back
When Ryuji declared war on Ootori Hachi, he made the entire house of Ootori his enemy, and they will soon move on Mikawa, Lady Ootori and the others stationed there. This will be the first time our heroes will have to face entire armies with the full backing of a major clan. Will they be able to survive?

Danger in the Shadows
The Akatuski are still roaming free, plotting and scheming from the shadows. They too are after the blades of destiny and has proven that they will do anything to obtain them. It is equally clear that they have not forgiven Ren for betraying them, and will continue their hunt for her to the end.

All this, and more in the next exciting season of The Field of Red Flowers

Unresolved Plot Threads

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